Leigh: How's it going?
Me: A thousand words tonight. On the new thing. Here, read.
Me: *highlights first two paragraphs*
Leigh: *reads* Nice.
Me: There's a loaded gun on the mantlepiece. Did you catch it?
Leigh: Let me look. *reads again* Where is it?
Me: *highlights relevant text*
Leigh: Oh, that. I thought that was too obvious, I thought you meant something subtle.
[tumblr.com profile] leighnahurriyeh and I just spent a good five minutes making arm gesture diagrams of the 221B layout in order to determine if it is possible for John and Sherlock to sit on the couch together to watch television.

(Conclusion: no. But if I decide John is using his laptop to watch torrented episodes of Doctor Who that he missed because he was deployed, then yes.)

Having a live-in co-fan is super helpful.


(pps: don't get excited, it's more Truth May Vary angst.)
I think I checked tumblr about every half an hour today, just to see people flapping their arms and making noises. Metaphorical noises.

(If you weren't aware of this, the cause was this twitter post. Don't go to the #grapes tag on tumblr if you don't want to be very confused.)

This feels suspiciously like the winter of 2007/2008. You know, when a certain (terriwonderful)* movie was being filmed. I liked that winter. I knocked up my wife that winter. I passed my first comprehensive exam that winter.

I became Amal that winter, actually. Though she took six months to park herself on teh intarwebs.

Anyway, it's a good feeling. Though I am, in fandom terms, something approaching middle-aged (if not an old lady). Probably my position right now is best expressed through this cartoon by my favorite fanartist, [tumblr.com profile] shockingblankets.

IN CONCLUSION, I have not had the emotional energy to play much at [livejournal.com profile] f_march_madness, but if you haven't already voted I would like to STRONGLY suggest you vote for the amazing and wonderful Molly Hooper, who suffered the key indignity of having her fucking name misspelled in the poll. Molly is great. You should vote for her. I'm sure whoever she's up against is nice, but Molly Hooper wears underwear with little skulls in bows and pink kitten sweaters and cuts up dead people for a living. She's like Dana Scully with no seriousness at all. She's loyal and smart and strong and she deserves all of our votes, because she's the best. The end.

* I type the first half of the word "terriwonderful." Leigh is leaning over my shoulder. "Terrible," she says. "No," I say, "look." She reads what I wrote. "Terrible," she says. "SHUT UP I LIKED IT," I say. "You're one of very few people," she says.
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( Feb. 24th, 2013 02:25 pm)
Leigh and Isk are currently at work in the living room/dining room, creating a sorting system for all of his toys and placing all of the random objects throughout those rooms in those boxes after determining which category they belong to. So far, there has been an argument about whether there can be a helicopter box, whether 'castle blocks' go in the blocks box (and whether there needs to ne a subcategory for 'lincoln logs', and whether sponges in the shapes of animals count as 'figurines.' I anticipate about three more hours of this, with intermittant shouting.

2:30 on a Sunday is too early to start drinking, right?

[I, on the other hand, have already cleaned the whole kitchen...to my standards. I am 100% sure Leigh will walk in and tell me everything that's wrong with it, but my ability to care is, you know. Limited.]


[community profile] purimgifts is live! I got a nice little mytharc-y XF fic yesterday, all about Teena & the extended Spender/Mulder family dramaz. Today's fic hasn't gone live for me yet, so I'm just gonna keep refreshing my gifts page...
SCENE: Leigh and Amal are putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher.

Leigh: *picks up the pan from baking cornbread last night* Amal, did you even scrub this?
Amal: ...No.
Leigh: Then why did you put it in the dishwasher.
Amal: ...I have a theory. You see--
Leigh: Your theory is dumb.
Amal: Yes, I know.
Leigh: You can tell it to me anyway.
Amal: I have a theory. I think dishwashers should wash the dishes.
Leigh: *mutters a lot of things*


Leigh: *hands Amal a Tupperware* Can you put this in the cabinet.
Amal: *notices there schmutz stuck to it* Needs to get washed again. Geez, Leigh, did you even scrub this?
Amal: ...I did?
Leigh: YES.
Amal: Well, that backfired, didn't it?


Leigh: Am I being too mean to you?
Amal: I thought we were bantering. Are we bantering?
Leigh: Yes.
Amal: Then it's OK. You can be actually mad at me while we're bantering, though.
SETTING: The Nahurriyeh family's new home in rural New York state.

SCENE: Amal and Leigh are watching last week's Project Runway. Amal, having submitted a great deal of paper work, is fucking around on Craigslist.

Amal: ...Leigh?
Leigh: Yes?
Amal: Do I need to buy chickens on Craigslist?
Leigh: No.
Amal: I've always wanted chickens. See, they'll be hatching in a few weeks and--
Leigh: NO.
Amal: OK. ... Do we need a peacock?
Leigh: NO.
Amal: It's only $30.
Leigh: What would we do with a peacock?
Amal: ...It could be Kabira's* friend.
Leigh: That would end in tears. And carpet cleaning.
Amal: Point taken. ... Do you want a horse for Christmas? *turns computer around to show Leigh the horse*
Leigh: We have a six by fifteen backyard. We do not need a horse.
Leigh: Give me the computer.

This scene brought to you by our rural area's Craigslist.

*Kabira is one of our cats.


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