So, I recently realized that I have a favorite narrative kink. It goes like this:

1) Character A and Character B are in love.
2) Character A and Character B have sex.
3) The reason for Character A and Character B having sex has nothing to do with the fact that they are in love.
4) In the end, everything works out right.

That's it. It's fairly simple, but I recently realized that both of my current works in progress follow this pattern in one way or another. So does Sweet Nothings for the Numb. So does First/Second. It explains why I adore a good story like The Leap, and an awful story like Where There's A Will. It's what I like about the Aliens Made Them Do It (AMDTI) trope (I linked to fanlore there, not TVTropes; you're welcome).

The point of this post is to say that I just reread a story I loved which makes use of this trope, though the idea that the characters are in love at the beginning is a bit of a stretch: The Cost of Living (H50, Steve/Danny, no canon knowledge needed, Gay Issues handled well, contains casefile, also contains a lot of porn). It's a hooker!fic AU, but it's also a lot more than that. It's a good story. You should read it.
Sympathy For The Werewolf. Why, yes, I'm rec'ing Hawaii Five-O fic. This is an interesting paranormal romance-y thing, which managed to run totally straight-faced with the "Danny discovers Steve is a werewolf, true love and hurt/comfort and hot sex ensues." It's tropey as hell, but well-written and with a sweet core.

A Q&A with the Advice Columnist Called 'Sugar' Sugar is a wonderful writer; at the same time, this resonated with me as someone who has done her best writing wearing someone else's name.

Fanfic Flamingo Speaks For Me.
Today's Exciting Things From The Internets:

The author of my awesomesauce Purim Gifts series is revealed as [ profile] abyssinia! Thanks so much for it! I am super-enthusiastic on the subject.

And, as authors have now been revealed, I can link you all to Free Citizen, a Caprica fic focused on Fidelia Fazekas, aka the Guatrau's daughter. I think it can be read if you don't know canon at all, as long as you aren't freaked out by people putting on earrings when their holes has mostly closed up. (My wife had to do this on our wedding day.)

In other assorted news, I got linked today to this great vid by [personal profile] giandujakiss, which is a powerful critique of the abuses of police power (or, put more bluntly, rampant torture problem) on Hawaii Five-O. I am deeply conflicted about all of my affection for this show, and this is one of the two major problems with it. (The other is its super-skeezy race politics: in a brief sentence, it has three major Asian-American characters, which is great, but at the same time every other Asian-American or Native Hawaiian on the show has either been a victim in need of saving [by the white boys] or a criminal in need of torture [by the white boys].)

OK, I promise that I won't post tomorrow. Maybe. I think. Unlocked. Who knows, right?

ETA: Oh, and new crack_van rec, which is a fic that was just posted today, because I'm cool like that. Go read!


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