Title: Plans
Author: Amal Nahurriyeh, [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh/[livejournal.com profile] amalnahurriyeh, amalnahurriyeh at gmail dot com
Summary: "I'm meeting my friend for dinner, remember? In Georgetown."
Pairing: MSR.
Rating: NC-17 (banter, fucking)
Warnings: None.
Angst-level: Zilch.
Timeline/Spoilers: Canon tells me s7. Okay, then.

Notes: written for The Eleventh Porn Battle, prompts office, sofa, explanation, her beautiful skin.

Link to the fic over there. Clicky clicky.
amalnahurriyeh: XF: Mulder looking intrigued, with the text "Hello, internet porn." (porn)
( Jan. 27th, 2011 12:41 am)
(Not mine, yet. Though I just realized that the battle runs 'til next Thursday, not tomorrow today, so I don't have to stay up all night writing dirty things on the internet, and can therefore go to bed. Hooray.)

Anyway, I've been trawling the battle, and here are some recs, so far. What I'm noticing is that, generally, at least in the fandoms I'm reading in, what's getting written are stories that are really interstitial to canon, by which I mean stories that draw heavily on things that are really going on in the canon storylines, and which are simply being played out during the sex. It's less about PWP in most of these cases, and more about characterization-via-fucking, which is one of my favorite things about good fannish porn, that it's something else while also being hot and dirty.

Fringe, plus one Fringe/XF crossover )

The West Wing )

Doctor Who and Torchwood (that's one fandom, right?) )

Other: Firefly, Hawaii Five-O, Corpse Bride )
amalnahurriyeh: XF: Mulder looking intrigued, with the text "Hello, internet porn." (porn)
( Jan. 21st, 2011 12:14 pm)
So, I have like a millionty things I should post about. However, I wanted to make sure people know that Ye Olde Original Pornbattle is happening, Sunday through Thursday of this coming week. You can follow it here on LJ or here on DW; hint, the DW character count for a comment is much, much longer than on LJ, so you can fit longer stories into comments.

(Among my nefarious reasons for promoting this is that I kind of want there to be energy to run another round of xf_pornbattle at some point in the future. Because I'm, you know, Like That.)

Although prompts just closed, therefore the list isn't up, in the interest of nudging folks onward I've compiled all the posts with X-Files prompts. There's a lot of MSR, some other ships, and a ton of crossovers, most of which, interestingly enough, seem to be Scullyslash of various types.

prompt links under the cut )

I'm really excited to see so many XF prompts, especially since it seems like are so few active (and especially monofannish) XF fans these days. But, you know, ur-fandom of the internet, yadda yadda yadda, we will always be in everyone's hearts, blah blah blah, our protagonists are the sexiest characters in the history of television, you know what I mean. Go write some porn.

(And I'm mentally committing to myself that I'll do everything in my power to write something for this round. Even though I'm on vacation with my in-laws, which, in case you were curious, is not so conducive to pornifying. The goal is at least something MSR, and, then maybe a crossover if I can manage it. I thought I'd gotten all my porn-writing fix out of the way during xf_santa. I'm denying that instinct.)


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