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( Nov. 1st, 2012 10:11 am)
I'm a New Yorker, right down to my bones. I may not have grown up in the city (though my roots and extended family are largely in upstate New York), but there is nowhere that has fit me so well in all my life, nowhere as comfortable and completing. And my city, right now, is underwater.

This isn't New Orleans; we were better prepared and a little more equipped. This isn't Haiti; we're a rich city and have resources. But it's my home, and it's just fucking wrecked right now. And I'm four hundred miles away and at a loss.

So, [ profile] fandomaid. I've put up two offers: one to stitch samplers, and one for fic. I'm not always timely with this stuff, but I at least intend to follow through.

If you'd like to help New York, Masbia is supporting one of the shelters for senior citizens in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. I haven't yet found a clear link for who is doing recovery work in Haiti, Cuba, and elsewhere in the Caribbean, which is fucked up, considering how much harder the recovery is going to be there, but if I find something, I'll post it.
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( May. 14th, 2012 03:45 pm)
Anybody from DC? The George Washington Memorial Parkway: what do actual people driving it call it? (In case you were wondering: the highway up the east side of Manhattan is referred to as "the FDR," the one up the west side is called "the West Side Highway," always in full, and the highway that runs through Brooklyn and Queens is called "the BQE." The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is called either "the tunnel" or "the Battery tunnel" depending on context.)


In other news:

1) my semester is over
2) I only had to fail two students, yay
3) I just got back from a trip for family stuff, and will be traveling for various weddings, graduations, etc for every weekend until June
4) I have actual fucking time to write now \0/
5) It has stopped being below freezing at night, which means I can put plants in the ground (oh, upstate living: it SNOWED the last week of April)
6) there is fresh local asparagus in my fridge for dinner, om nom nom

Now, to finish this scene before someone wakes up from his nap...
Being The True Story Of A Young Woman In A Big City, As Told In Song

Download the music here.

the front door of the Nahurriyeh family apartment, Brooklyn, NY, ca. 2011

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