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( Feb. 26th, 2013 07:03 pm)
Aha! I thought that [personal profile] wendelah1 was my writer for [community profile] purimgifts, and she was! She wrote me three lovely interstitial bits from Demons, pointing at the fractures that derive from the episode. Makes me want to rewatch it. They are here, here, and here. Go read them. Go. I'll be waiting here.

I, on the other hand, wrote a series of Buffy ficlets, called Three Games Willow Rosenberg Taught Someone. It is what it says on the tin; my recipient is a Willow/Oz shipper, so I ended up sticking to the earlier seasons, but the whole process really reminded me how much I love BtVS, helped by doing a bunch of rewatching to get prepped. Also, I normally think of myself as a writer of banter, but DAMN, there really is nothing like writing Jossverse banter. It is a whole other league. I'm glad these were so short; I don't think I could have sustained it for longer. :)
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( Feb. 24th, 2013 02:25 pm)
Leigh and Isk are currently at work in the living room/dining room, creating a sorting system for all of his toys and placing all of the random objects throughout those rooms in those boxes after determining which category they belong to. So far, there has been an argument about whether there can be a helicopter box, whether 'castle blocks' go in the blocks box (and whether there needs to ne a subcategory for 'lincoln logs', and whether sponges in the shapes of animals count as 'figurines.' I anticipate about three more hours of this, with intermittant shouting.

2:30 on a Sunday is too early to start drinking, right?

[I, on the other hand, have already cleaned the whole my standards. I am 100% sure Leigh will walk in and tell me everything that's wrong with it, but my ability to care is, you know. Limited.]


[community profile] purimgifts is live! I got a nice little mytharc-y XF fic yesterday, all about Teena & the extended Spender/Mulder family dramaz. Today's fic hasn't gone live for me yet, so I'm just gonna keep refreshing my gifts page...
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( Feb. 1st, 2013 03:21 pm)
Dear Purim Treat-a-thon Writer,

Hooray! I am super excited to be doing this exchange! I can't wait to see *whatever* you're going to make for me.

General Things. )

Fandom Notes )

In conclusion, I am really looking forward to whatever you want to make me! You can ask me questions if you want! Thank you in advance!

Today's Exciting Things From The Internets:

The author of my awesomesauce Purim Gifts series is revealed as [ profile] abyssinia! Thanks so much for it! I am super-enthusiastic on the subject.

And, as authors have now been revealed, I can link you all to Free Citizen, a Caprica fic focused on Fidelia Fazekas, aka the Guatrau's daughter. I think it can be read if you don't know canon at all, as long as you aren't freaked out by people putting on earrings when their holes has mostly closed up. (My wife had to do this on our wedding day.)

In other assorted news, I got linked today to this great vid by [personal profile] giandujakiss, which is a powerful critique of the abuses of police power (or, put more bluntly, rampant torture problem) on Hawaii Five-O. I am deeply conflicted about all of my affection for this show, and this is one of the two major problems with it. (The other is its super-skeezy race politics: in a brief sentence, it has three major Asian-American characters, which is great, but at the same time every other Asian-American or Native Hawaiian on the show has either been a victim in need of saving [by the white boys] or a criminal in need of torture [by the white boys].)

OK, I promise that I won't post tomorrow. Maybe. I think. Unlocked. Who knows, right?

ETA: Oh, and new crack_van rec, which is a fic that was just posted today, because I'm cool like that. Go read!
Third part of my purimgifts story! Gail's bowl now has a TARDIS in it. If you don't know what any of those nouns mean, probably you will not like the story.

[ profile] queer_fest is the inheritor to [ profile] lgbtfest. Prompts are open through March 30. NOBODY TAKE MY PROMPT ABOUT MULDER'S OXFORD BOYFRIEND, OKAY, THAT ONE'S MINE. (And if nobody takes my Samantha prompt, I might just take that as well.)

I'm sure there are other things, I just don't remember them.
My third [ profile] crack_van rec is up: Rounded by Sleep by [ profile] elliestories.

And the second part of my [ profile] purimgifts story is up: Waiting for the angry gods to smite our race , which is Josh and Toby! In Year-That-Never-Was New York! And losses have been incurred, sniff sniff. I can't wait for part three tomorrow!
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( Mar. 19th, 2011 01:49 pm)
My [ profile] purimgifts gifts have started to arrive! I am absurdly excited, and also embarrassed, because I ended up having to default. (Though I posted one story to the "extras" collection, which you'll all get to read later this week.)


I got two goodies today:ETA: one of them disappeared off the AO3? Maybe it shouldn't have been revealed today or something, IDK. Anyway, I'm deleting the info about it until it gets properly revealed or whatevs.

Welcome to the golden age of speed with grace is part one OF A SERIES! A WHOLE SERIES! set during The Year That Never Was, with CJ and Sam meeting Martha Jones as she travels the world. I am literally giddy to see where this is going to end up. EEEEEEEP.

And the lovely thing about [ profile] purimgifts is that I'm going to be getting stories tomorrow and Monday, too! I'll repost with links to them everyday, because I'm just that excited.

Thank you, anon writer! I am breathless with anticipation!
There is something very wrong with me.

Let me also take this opportunity to see if anyone on my flists happens to want to beta Caprica fic? You'd need to be caught up through the end of the series, but the fics will be very short. I gotta turn them around this week, oy.
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( Jan. 27th, 2011 11:25 pm)
(Why, yes, flist, I'm signing up for something else. Because I am, apparently, a glutton for punishment. But this is a great small-gifts exchange, and anyway, I'm a joiner.)

Dear Purim Treat-a-thon Writer,

Hooray! I have never done this exchange before, but, um, I like gifts? And writing things for people? And stories about resistance and radical transformation and women being awesome, and drunken revelry while wearing costumes, which is pretty much what Purim is about, to my knowledge? So I think I have found the right fic/art exchange.

OK, first some general notes about what I like in fic, which I kidnapped (and edited) from my Yuletide letter. I don't really have any graphic preferences, except that Pretty Things Are Pretty. Er, I like funny icons.

General Things. )

Fandom Notes (mostly favorite-character lists): The X-Files, Fringe, Doctor Who, The West Wing, BSG, ArchAndroid )

In conclusion, I hope I have not been too much of a bossy asshole! And I am really looking forward to whatever you want to make me! You can ask me questions if you want! Thank you in advance!



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