Third part of my purimgifts story! Gail's bowl now has a TARDIS in it. If you don't know what any of those nouns mean, probably you will not like the story.

[ profile] queer_fest is the inheritor to [ profile] lgbtfest. Prompts are open through March 30. NOBODY TAKE MY PROMPT ABOUT MULDER'S OXFORD BOYFRIEND, OKAY, THAT ONE'S MINE. (And if nobody takes my Samantha prompt, I might just take that as well.)

I'm sure there are other things, I just don't remember them.
My third [ profile] crack_van rec is up: Rounded by Sleep by [ profile] elliestories.

And the second part of my [ profile] purimgifts story is up: Waiting for the angry gods to smite our race , which is Josh and Toby! In Year-That-Never-Was New York! And losses have been incurred, sniff sniff. I can't wait for part three tomorrow!
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( Mar. 19th, 2011 01:49 pm)
My [ profile] purimgifts gifts have started to arrive! I am absurdly excited, and also embarrassed, because I ended up having to default. (Though I posted one story to the "extras" collection, which you'll all get to read later this week.)


I got two goodies today:ETA: one of them disappeared off the AO3? Maybe it shouldn't have been revealed today or something, IDK. Anyway, I'm deleting the info about it until it gets properly revealed or whatevs.

Welcome to the golden age of speed with grace is part one OF A SERIES! A WHOLE SERIES! set during The Year That Never Was, with CJ and Sam meeting Martha Jones as she travels the world. I am literally giddy to see where this is going to end up. EEEEEEEP.

And the lovely thing about [ profile] purimgifts is that I'm going to be getting stories tomorrow and Monday, too! I'll repost with links to them everyday, because I'm just that excited.

Thank you, anon writer! I am breathless with anticipation!
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(Why, yes, flist, I'm signing up for something else. Because I am, apparently, a glutton for punishment. But this is a great small-gifts exchange, and anyway, I'm a joiner.)

Dear Purim Treat-a-thon Writer,

Hooray! I have never done this exchange before, but, um, I like gifts? And writing things for people? And stories about resistance and radical transformation and women being awesome, and drunken revelry while wearing costumes, which is pretty much what Purim is about, to my knowledge? So I think I have found the right fic/art exchange.

OK, first some general notes about what I like in fic, which I kidnapped (and edited) from my Yuletide letter. I don't really have any graphic preferences, except that Pretty Things Are Pretty. Er, I like funny icons.

General Things. )

Fandom Notes (mostly favorite-character lists): The X-Files, Fringe, Doctor Who, The West Wing, BSG, ArchAndroid )

In conclusion, I hope I have not been too much of a bossy asshole! And I am really looking forward to whatever you want to make me! You can ask me questions if you want! Thank you in advance!

From LBB

Redheads Who Could Kill Me: Obvious Kink is Obvious
Author: Amal Nahurriyeh, [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh/[ profile] amalnahurriyeh, amalnahurriyeh at gmail dot com.
Fandoms: The X-Files; Battlestar Galactica (reboot); Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The West Wing; Doctor Who (new)
Spoilers: Through the entirety of existing canon for all shows (does not include Buffy Season 8 comics)

Written for [community profile] ladiesbigbang 2010. Thanks to the mods for this exciting challenge! My other meta contribution, On Being a Writer of Woman-Centric Fic, is here.

This meta has a compliment fanmix, made by [personal profile] tree; it can be downloaded at her journal [community profile] borrowedfable here. Many, many thanks to [personal profile] tree for it; it's totally amazing.

Screencaps are from the following sites:
X-Files: X-Files Archive
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who: Caps by Emma-Jane
The West Wing: Oxoniensis Caps
Battlestar Galactica: Frak That

Thanks very much to the dedicated cappers, who make it possible for people like me to be lazy.

All the caps I used, plus many more that didn't make it in (THESE LADIES ARE SO LOVELY I MUST HAVE PICTURES OF THEM) are here on my Picasa.


You know, I like to think that I'm a fairly complicated person. I study philosophy for a living. I'm always encouraging my students to make more nuanced arguments. I like the media I like because they are complex, and meaningful, and have lots of room for structural poking and prodding, and allow me to make in their medium. I am srs bzns fan, watch me overintellectualize.

Or so I say. It's not like that's a lie, per se. But. Do you want to know, really, why I get invested in the media I do? I'll let you in on a secret. It's a two-part evaluation:

  1. Is there a female character on this show who could kill me?
  2. Does she have red hair?

If the answers to 1 and 2 are yes, I AM SO FUCKING THERE.

From LBB
From LBB
From LBB
From LBB
From LBB

Of course, there are other fictional characters I'm attached to; most of them could kill me, but not all. (Some of them are even dudes.) Clearly my fictive kinks aren't entirely ironclad. But, well, I don't think it's a fluke, do you?

So, What's Up with the Redheads (Who Could Kill You)?

The connotations we are supposed to have, at least in North America, when we see a redheaded woman seem to rest around the concept of fiestiness. Redheads have attitude, spunk, a particular type of girlish uppityness. They talk back to authority, they argue, they're in your face and brash, just a little bit. In the end, sweet and well-meaning, most likely, but not without a bite.

The problem is that none of the women in this essay are anything like that. What they are is tough, strong, powerful. Sometimes they are silent, sometimes loud. Rarely flustered. And, yes, they do talk back to authority, but not with spunk, not because they're fiesty, but because they have power, authority, strength. That's what draws me to them initially: the intense strength they hold within themselves, and exercise with both care and determination. These are women who are impressive, both in their accomplishments (major politicians! officers of the law! savers of the world!) and in that they make an impression on you when you encounter them. No one could ever forget these women. They take up space. The hair, here, becomes a visual representation of this strength and power. You can see a redhead from across the room; she never fails to be visible. Even if they are more serious, in many cases, than this notion of the fiesty redhead, they carry that set of associations with them intimately.

But their strength is intimately intertwined with violence. Of the five women in this meta, four directly wield deadly force, and the fifth eventually helps to manage the largest military in human history. Each has some ambivalence towards this power, but reassures herself that she deploys it in the interest of what is right or good. If they kill you, it's because you deserve it, at least a little. Here would be an interesting place to point out that I am, myself, a Quaker and a religious pacifist. Nevertheless, I am deeply compelled by characters (both male and female) who do things that I find patently immoral, such as killing people, but have an intricate and well-reinforced moral code for doing it: those who demand good reasons for killing, but are perfectly willing to do the killing if they are convinced. All of these characters fall into this category. None of them kill for fun, or because they're told to do so. They exercise the violence they control only when they feel they have a pressing reason to do so.

From LBB

Dana Scully

Lots of significant things happened between the Pilot and Deep Throat. )

From LBB

Laura Roslin

Airlock. A. Baby. )

From LBB

Willow Rosenberg

Oh, Willow. You start off so innocent... )

From LBB

Claudia Jean Craigg

You have to respect the Jackal. )

From LBB

Donna Noble

I just want to travel forever and ever. )

In Conclusion

I love these women.

I love them for being a subversion of the idea of "the redhead." I love them for being something more than just the "strong woman," the "fierce badass," but for being intricate and complex characters who are undeniably both strong and powerful without becoming caracatures. I love the idea of them sitting together in some great fictional hair salon--Donna and Amy swapping TARDIS stories under the dryers, CJ and Roslin running out of the room every ten minutes, curlers still in, to take phone calls, Scully silently judging everyone else in the room from behind her copy of Cosmo. I love that there are characters out there who helped me create this kink, obviously enough; I love that it keeps getting fed.

I love their hair.

Have I mentioned that?
Name 5 characters you think would have a good time hanging out with you and your friends - in your world, not theirs.

1. Fox Mulder (The X-Files). Because I basically spend all my time with cranky crackpots anyway. Because I am one.

2. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). "Queer nerd" defines over 90% of my friends. We'd bake and hang out and talk about obscure subjects. It would be awesome.

3. Martha Jones (Doctor Who). As much as Donna is my favorite companion, I think that Martha is the one I'd get on best with; Donna has a very strong personality. (Actually, Donna reminds me of my college best friend, who is very in your face and always right about everything. Some people we shared a house with once apparently referred to her as "Loud Girl," as in, "Sounds like Loud Girl came over again." My college best friend is...hard to be best friends with.) Martha, we'd just chill and talk about pop culture and humanitarian work. She seems like she'd be a good listener.

4. Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty). She'd be a ton of fun to chill with. We'd be able to have some good Brooklyn vs Queens shit-talking. She and Isa and my grad school friend C would probably end up forming a Mexican Mafia Of Awesome at any party we invited her too. A big swath of my friend group has worked in publishing, which means they'd do industry talk.

5. Caroline and/or Echo (Dollhouse): I run with people with politics like Caroline's; she'd fit in well. But I think I'd rather hang out with Echo, especially post Epitaph-Two Echo (assuming a normal world!), once she's put herself together and figured out how to be one supercomplex person. IDK, though; I really could see myself hanging out with Caroline.


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