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( Nov. 15th, 2012 05:40 pm)
"What you need is a male-female adapter. Because, see, this is a male piece, and this is a male piece, and, in trains, that doesn't work."

-[ profile] leigh_nahurriyeh explaining how wooden train tracks work to our son.
In the US, today is National Coming Out Day. Like many holidays, it is both a product of a major marketing campaign and a legitimate expression of community feeling among many, many, LGBTQ folks.

In the spirit of recent efforts to encourage queer youth in their struggles with bullying, self-identification, and depression (see: the It Gets Better Project and the We Got Your Back Project), on this National Coming Out Day, sixteen years after the first time I came out, I present:

Five Times Amal Nahurriyeh Was Glad to Be a Crippled Teenage Lesbian

Vague warning: This post uses discriminatory language in its reclaimed forms in many places (like the title); if this bothers you, this probably isn't the post for you.

Amal relies for moral support on two classic volumes of queer American literature in this: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and Willa Cather's My Antonia. They're good. You should read them.

Sometimes the need to mess with their heads outweighs the millstone of humiliation. --Fox Mulder. )

Amal Nahurriyeh is the fanfic-writing pseudonym of an academic living and teaching in New York City.  She is happily married to the former Leigh Freidman, and lives with her, their son Isk, and her best friend in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood.  After a decade of therapy, she's getting less crazy.  Fourteen years after she was diagnosed with cancer, most people she meets don't know why she limps.


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