So, female Catholic priests: how would they be addressed? I always called all my priests Father Whoever; so would female priests be Mother Whoever? All my Googling for information on the splinter groups ordaining women fails to mention what the hell they call them once they've ordained them.

Yes, it's fic research. A totally minimal point, but the awesome thing about writing in a universe set in my future is that I get to enact the radical social changes I like. Carsharing is big in the 2020s, FYI.


This week's [community profile] fannish5

Five worst retcons in your fandoms.

Oh, ha ha ha ha ha. Fannish 5, you gotta stop giving me such good ones. (Although some of these are closer to continuity errors than retcons, I guess.)

1. Doctor Who: Journey's End/The End of Time. Fuck you. Fuck you so very, very, very fucking much. I actually think I hate you worse than all the XF retconning, because you're just mean.

2. X-Files: Wait, when did Scully get that necklace? Because this one's just dumb. How hard would it have been to double check that?

3. X-Files: Mulder's Amazing Disappearing Brain Disease. The original brain disease makes no sense. That it never gets mentioned again after Three Words makes no sense. The whole thing: no sense. Is made. By it.

4. X-Files: Amazing Disappearing Behbeh Act. Oh, did you just realize that giving your protagonists a baby means that them being on the run is ~~awkward?~~ I'm so sorry, but BABIES CAN'T JUST DISAPPEAR. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. (I have a logical rant about how a private adoption wasn't Scully's best option if she thought she couldn't protect William, too. But mostly let me just wave my arms around.)

5. X-Files: Aliens! Humans! Starlight! Seriously, you give us seven seasons of Samantha drama, and then resolve it by snapping yo' damn fingers? NO, NO, ACTUALLY, YOU DON'T. Anyway, I want the Samantha Clones back. A lot of them. Just to fuck with Mulder's head.
Follow Friday:

[community profile] fringetv_at_dw is the Fringe comm over here. This is the currently-running show I'm most fannish about, and it just came back last night, and zomg.

In a similar vein, [personal profile] elfin writes excellent Fringe fic and has much squee. I should probably meet other Fringe people. Or, like, get more than one Fringe icon, and put some on LJ. BUT WILL THIS MEAN DELETING MULDER ICONS????

People are continuing to post things to [community profile] eid_ka_chand even though the fest is over! (I mean, that's part of the point, it's a year-round comm for fanworks about Muslim characters.) It is great. Also, I owe a check for that, must remember to do it.

[community profile] fannish5 for this week:

Name five characters who would hate attending a family reunion.

Ha ha, oh ha ha. So this version of the list is cheap, but:

  1. Fox Mulder
  2. Samantha Mulder
  3. Teena Mulder
  4. Bill Mulder
  5. C.G.B. Spender

Man, that would be a bad party. With a lot of good booze, though.
Which five canons would you want to live in, and why?

1. West Wing. A universe where Nobel Prize winners can also carry the electoral college, where all political workers of both parties are well-meaning and have complex policy conversations, and where The Jackal can become Chief of Staff? Yes plz.

2. Buffyverse. Yes, I know I'd run a high risk of being nommed, but I think the universe is really cool, and plus all I'd have to do is leave Sunnydale (and avoid Cleveland), duh.

3. Star Trek: TNG. I actually have huge problems with this universe politically, because I think it's unrealistic and utopian. At the same time, it would be amazing to live there. I also think there'd have to be people who were working to fix the problems that still existed, and I'd like to be among them.

4. Futurama: New New York is fucking awesome. The end.

5. Whoniverse. Because I want The Doctor around, for oil spills and other catastrophes.

*Interestingly, I didn't pick either of my two biggest fandoms, X-Files and BSG. Want to know why? Because I've got an extreme paranoia about the end of the world.
Name 5 characters you think would have a good time hanging out with you and your friends - in your world, not theirs.

1. Fox Mulder (The X-Files). Because I basically spend all my time with cranky crackpots anyway. Because I am one.

2. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). "Queer nerd" defines over 90% of my friends. We'd bake and hang out and talk about obscure subjects. It would be awesome.

3. Martha Jones (Doctor Who). As much as Donna is my favorite companion, I think that Martha is the one I'd get on best with; Donna has a very strong personality. (Actually, Donna reminds me of my college best friend, who is very in your face and always right about everything. Some people we shared a house with once apparently referred to her as "Loud Girl," as in, "Sounds like Loud Girl came over again." My college best friend is...hard to be best friends with.) Martha, we'd just chill and talk about pop culture and humanitarian work. She seems like she'd be a good listener.

4. Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty). She'd be a ton of fun to chill with. We'd be able to have some good Brooklyn vs Queens shit-talking. She and Isa and my grad school friend C would probably end up forming a Mexican Mafia Of Awesome at any party we invited her too. A big swath of my friend group has worked in publishing, which means they'd do industry talk.

5. Caroline and/or Echo (Dollhouse): I run with people with politics like Caroline's; she'd fit in well. But I think I'd rather hang out with Echo, especially post Epitaph-Two Echo (assuming a normal world!), once she's put herself together and figured out how to be one supercomplex person. IDK, though; I really could see myself hanging out with Caroline.


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