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( Dec. 11th, 2012 11:31 am)
I have spent the past two days HIDING from an email in my inbox. Even leaving my inbox open, with the little "Inbox (1) - [meatspace name@...]" tab sitting there at the top of the page, taunting me. It was interview question responses for work. I don't know WHY it was making me anxious to think about reading it, but lordy, it was.

I just opened it. The responses are fine. My interviewee made a request about how I use the data that is kind of a bummer (leads to no immediate CV line for me), but is totally within hir rights, and the long term potential for the data is still there. See, self? Nothing to be scared of!

Sigh. Oh, brains.


I honestly don't know if my Yuletide story is done. There's one scene from the outline not completed. I have no idea what goes in that scene. (Well, I know what goes in it *structurally.* I have no idea what the content is.) I can't tell if it's necessary. Sigh. I hate this stage of writing.


SCENE: Amal is sitting in the TV room, charging her phone and poking it.

Leigh enters from the living room, shuffling in wearing the bathrobe she is wearing around the house because it's cold, and which she has started referring to as her "dressing gown" because she thinks it sounds more civilized to wear a dressing gown around the house. (It is the bathrobe from this picture. It is not a dressing gown.)

Leigh: How come you didn't tell me we were moving into the den?
Amal: I said, "Oh, I have to go charge my phone," stood up, picked up my phone and computer, and left the room. Ten minutes ago.
Leigh: Really? I thought you were just going to the bathroom.
Amal: *narrows her eyes* I was in Dublin yesterday.
Leigh: Shut up.


Isk wrote a recipe today.

A Surprise Cake Funny

One Killed Cow
Two Eggs
One Live Chicken
A Person
A Piece of Paper
One Killed Chicken

Directions: EAT IT.

My boy. I'm so...proud?
I got Marvel 1602 out from the library last time I went, because I wanted to reread it. (For those who don't know it, it's a Neil Gaiman-written alternative Marvel universe, in which many of the characters from Marvel superhero comics are transformed into characters in Elizabethan England. Also there's some timey-wimey.) I enjoyed it the first time, but I wanted to see if it stood up. Plus, I now actually know more about some Marvel characters, due to fannish osmosis, so I thought it would be better on a second read.

Much of it was, and I did enjoy it. (Isk also likes when I read to him from my comic books, and long stretches of this one are Isk-appropriate. I'm keeping him away from Alan Moore for a while, though.) But, one of the reasons I wanted to re-read it was that I wanted to see if the character of Rojhaz was as fucked up as I thought it was.

Surprise: oh fuck yes.

spoilers galore )

tl;dr: I like this book, I want to read the next ones in the series, goddamn is there some racefail up in this joint.

(Feel free to get me started on the gender problems in comments.)

Also, fuck you, Neil Gaiman, you give me Marvel set in 1602 and I don't get to meet Elizabethan Tony Stark? Pssht.
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( Aug. 5th, 2012 05:47 pm)
It's funny when, accidentally, you mess up the name of the intro course your character is trying to write a syllabus for with the name of the intro course you habitually teach. In a different discipline. Project much, professor?


Sample of the questions my son has asked about the Olympics:

1. Is this lady rowing? I only want to watch lady rowing.
2. What is water polo?
3. Is this basketbowling?
4. What is a penalty? Why did that horse get a penalty? What is Big Ben? Why did the horse kick the London bus?
5. Why does he have metal legs? Why is he running with metal legs?
6. Why is she crying? Why does she have that flag?
7. When is there going to be lady trampoline? Can I watch lady trampoline?
if you want to see pictures of my current sewing project, here it is. I need advice, too, so even if you don't do cross-stitch, tell me what I should do!

Also: I was invited to three weddings between late April and this coming weekend this year. I have not been invited to a single wedding since my own, five years ago. I think all my friends just turned into grown-ups. (Insert mutterings about how marriage does NOT equal adulthood and all the issues with the institution of marriage and whatever.)
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( May. 14th, 2012 03:45 pm)
Anybody from DC? The George Washington Memorial Parkway: what do actual people driving it call it? (In case you were wondering: the highway up the east side of Manhattan is referred to as "the FDR," the one up the west side is called "the West Side Highway," always in full, and the highway that runs through Brooklyn and Queens is called "the BQE." The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is called either "the tunnel" or "the Battery tunnel" depending on context.)


In other news:

1) my semester is over
2) I only had to fail two students, yay
3) I just got back from a trip for family stuff, and will be traveling for various weddings, graduations, etc for every weekend until June
4) I have actual fucking time to write now \0/
5) It has stopped being below freezing at night, which means I can put plants in the ground (oh, upstate living: it SNOWED the last week of April)
6) there is fresh local asparagus in my fridge for dinner, om nom nom

Now, to finish this scene before someone wakes up from his nap...
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( Jul. 6th, 2011 05:54 pm)
1) When I get screened anonymous comments that are spam, I delete them, motherfuckers, so you are pointless and dumb. I don't understand how spamming works, I honestly don't.

2) Is there any particular reason that all the spammers want Foucault/Habermas? I am just asking. Seriously, like, one a week lately, if not more.


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