As you all know, I have a hell of a weakness for cheesy pop music. Like, I just spent a couple hours doing Serious Academic Writing to Rihanna. Anyway, this also manifests in a desire for vids that use these songs, preferably to highlight the ridiculousness of the superserious canons I love.

Anyway, this is a brief recs list for Sherlock vids that use contemporary pop music to either make a point or mock my beloved show. Notes on each. These are all from YouTube, and not found via any scientific searching method.

You can also take this as a place to tell me about vids you love for the show, or songs you really want to see vidded, or direct me to the Mulder/Scully vid set to Umbrella that I desperately want to exist.

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Glee Cast: I am not kidding about the cheesy-awesome music here )
Is there a smart way to search and see if someone has already made a vid to a song that makes you think of a fandom? Because this happens to me, reasonably frequently, and I think, "Someone else has to have had this thought before, someone who, unlike me, actually knows how to vid or feels a stronger compulsion to do it, in any case." But I don't know how to go look for said vid, that someone else must have already made, because duh.

This post brought to you by Autoclave, by the Mountain Goats:

Because if anyone is going to describe his/her heart as a piece of scientific equipment designed to destroy things, I mean really.


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