I think I checked tumblr about every half an hour today, just to see people flapping their arms and making noises. Metaphorical noises.

(If you weren't aware of this, the cause was this twitter post. Don't go to the #grapes tag on tumblr if you don't want to be very confused.)

This feels suspiciously like the winter of 2007/2008. You know, when a certain (terriwonderful)* movie was being filmed. I liked that winter. I knocked up my wife that winter. I passed my first comprehensive exam that winter.

I became Amal that winter, actually. Though she took six months to park herself on teh intarwebs.

Anyway, it's a good feeling. Though I am, in fandom terms, something approaching middle-aged (if not an old lady). Probably my position right now is best expressed through this cartoon by my favorite fanartist, [tumblr.com profile] shockingblankets.

IN CONCLUSION, I have not had the emotional energy to play much at [livejournal.com profile] f_march_madness, but if you haven't already voted I would like to STRONGLY suggest you vote for the amazing and wonderful Molly Hooper, who suffered the key indignity of having her fucking name misspelled in the poll. Molly is great. You should vote for her. I'm sure whoever she's up against is nice, but Molly Hooper wears underwear with little skulls in bows and pink kitten sweaters and cuts up dead people for a living. She's like Dana Scully with no seriousness at all. She's loyal and smart and strong and she deserves all of our votes, because she's the best. The end.

* I type the first half of the word "terriwonderful." Leigh is leaning over my shoulder. "Terrible," she says. "No," I say, "look." She reads what I wrote. "Terrible," she says. "SHUT UP I LIKED IT," I say. "You're one of very few people," she says.
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Aw, I like it, too.

Also, grapes. Because, I am STILL having feels. All the feels. Too many feels.

And I am way the hell too old to be saying that. ;)
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Oh, you need a beardy-Mulder icon on DW. I need that Mark Gatiss pic I posted this morning as an icon. Beards. Beeeeeeards.

(Which, actually, drive me a bit nuts - husband has one, and it scratches).

I'm not going to make it through this period in one piece. And I can't decide whether to just give myself over to spoilers or stay pristine; leaning towards spoilers, because... no idea. I read spoilers for XF, too.
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Exactly, on the spoilers. Official, I can handle. Not so sure about plot. I'm terrified of plot. I've already enlisted my sister (who had to hold my hand through Reichenbach) to take me through S3E1.

Tangentially, it's driving me craaaaaaaazy, but I see you've worked with MaybeAmanda, who I vaguely remember from my XF fic days (shippy fic all at AO3), but she didn't happen to write a story about al dente spaghetti (M/S), did she? I'm trying to place her...
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From: [personal profile] abrae

Agh! I know now why I'm conflating her with that person - the one I'm thinking of is Amy/Spookey247!!!! She beta'd for me once and was a lovely person I've fallen out of touch with.

Thank you!

Next time you're in the greater DC area, my treat. :)
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From: [personal profile] abrae

This: Al Dente. It was lovely, as was her other stuff.


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