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( Feb. 23rd, 2013 12:28 am)
I am worried my home is about to be home to a ship war.

My wife is so desperate for fic that she's reading John/Lestrade.

She keeps reading me bits.

Having showed her this post: "Not on purpose! It's coming up by accident!" So she says.

[Disclaimer: obviously I think shipwars are ridiculous and people can ship what they want and I kind of view the extent to which I OTP in my fandoms and hyperventilate about the ~~mere possibility~~ of alternate pairings to be a moral deficiency. But still. Traitor.]


Under Isk's direction this afternoon, he, Leigh, and I put on a play. I was the bad guy, Leigh was the princess, and he was "the pretty detective."

...I deny all responsibility for that.


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