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( Jan. 16th, 2013 04:39 pm)
Because I am an attention whore, I just posted a link to my fic on tumblr in the #bbc sherlock tag.

Pray for my soul.
Everybody, let me introduce you to [personal profile] pathological_needlepoint, the journal for Pathological Needlepoint Productions. PNP is my new project, a new space for me to circulate my original creative writing. It's also a space for me to experiment with crowdfunding, aka figuring out how to make money off being wildly famous on the internet. (Right now, I don't have a means to accept cold hard cash--but I do accept Dreamwidth Points.) For the next two months, I've got a planned release schedule of poetry and short fiction; past that, I'm planning on longform serialized fiction, intermixed with other, shorter things.

I don't yet have a feed made for it on LJ; friends with paid accounts, would you mind doing that, and then letting me know, so I can post it here? (You do it from this page.) Thanks muchly, [ profile] kukkaseksi! There's now a feed here (as [ profile] pathoneedle).

If you're interested in reading what I've written that doesn't have Mulder and Scully in it, PNP is the place to be.

In conclusion:

[personal profile] pathological_needlepoint

[personal profile] pathological_needlepoint

[personal profile] pathological_needlepoint

The end.


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