As you all know, I have a hell of a weakness for cheesy pop music. Like, I just spent a couple hours doing Serious Academic Writing to Rihanna. Anyway, this also manifests in a desire for vids that use these songs, preferably to highlight the ridiculousness of the superserious canons I love.

Anyway, this is a brief recs list for Sherlock vids that use contemporary pop music to either make a point or mock my beloved show. Notes on each. These are all from YouTube, and not found via any scientific searching method.

You can also take this as a place to tell me about vids you love for the show, or songs you really want to see vidded, or direct me to the Mulder/Scully vid set to Umbrella that I desperately want to exist.

Toxic | John/Sherlock

What makes it great: Best use of dialogue dubbed over the music. I love the switch to black and white (with effects), because it suits the punchy way it's edited. It's a flurry of a vidlet, and the energy is great. It's also the shippiest of the vids, which might be why it's my favorite. Or might not. No, probably it is.

Sherlock: Tik Tok

What makes it great: the use of Moriarty, speeding up of footage, and best use of the unaired pilot.

Sherlock - Boys, Boys, Boys

What makes it great: it's a little snippet vid, but it's a great little series of highlight shots of the boys of Sherlock (aka nearly the whole cast, *eyeroll here*). This vidder also has a little snippet to Telephone, which is also good, but I find myself longing for the platonic ideal of a vid to Telephone, which neither this one nor the XF one I've seen has really satisfied.

Sherlock: Moves Like Jagger

What makes it great: Sherlock dancing around like an idiot. Also, the middle verse is basically perfect. Also, the chorus's first line is "take me by the tongue," so OK, my shipper side is enjoying it.

BBC's Sherlock: "Hot n Cold"

What makes it great: shot-to-lyric matchups: I mean, it's a great song for this, because, you know, hot/cold. in/out, up/down, they're all fantastically visual things to work with, but it really shows precisely how much Sherlock moves around on various emotional scales over the course of the show. (You've got to cope with the song's misogyny--which the vid doesn't trade on at all--but, heads up if you don't know it.) Also, I like how some people are commenting on the shippiness, and some people are commenting "you didn't make it shippy!" Lol, yes, shippers vs noromos are locked in epic battle once again.

What makes it great: Because this is what Sherlock would look like if it were a sitcom about the shenanigans of a bunch of drunk twenty-somethings in London. A sort of "How I Met My Blogger," if you will.

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